Community service is a big component of the WSARC, as one of the primary missions of amateur radio.  Public events such as the West Seattle Grand Parade and preceding Float Dodger 5K run need support for the runners and organizers, so radio operators are stationed along the route to report safety issues, logistic information and this year, provide runner status by APRS.  No, the radio guys weren’t running with the front and final runners, but were on bikes to accurately track the positions.   And it was a successful run in that no medical emergencies had to be called in, one of the few times that less radio traffic happening is a good thing.

After the run, WSARC then fielded one of the more dynamic entries in the Grand Parade, with member Ken, AB7X and Cora W7COR riding in their classic Corvette to classic rock tunes.  Word has it that Cora is such an rocker and waver that she loses 5 pounds during the parade!  The result?  The WSARC float won 3rd place in the Community Service category! We think it’s a fine way to represent WSARC, thanks Ken and Cora!

Pictures from the Float Dodger Run


The West Seattle Blog posted footage of the club float on Twitter 

Or, for the Twitterless, you can see the live coverage in this WS Blog story

And some still shots from the Parade