In early 2024, the Pacific Science Center reached out to West Seattle ARC about a possible collaboration between our two organizations for an ISS contact with an astronaut. The ARISS program is a carry over from SAREX (Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment), bringing amateur radio onboard the ISS. Organizations such as science centers and schools apply, and a requirement of that is support from the local radio community. As such, a club must be vetted and identified to support them and commit to doing so.

An organization has to apply to host an event, and six organizations are selected every six months. Their planned contact is sometime in the second half of 2024.


  • Initial conversations (January 2024) – Notes
  • Assisting with Proposal (February 2024)
  • PacSci Center Submittted Proposal (February 19, 2024
  • ARISS notifying PacSci Center of intent to award them a contact slot (April 2024)
  • Initial orientation meeting with ARISS leaders (April 2024)
  • Site Survey (late April 2024)
  • Equipment Plan Due (May 15, 2024)



Other ARISS Contacts

These are some reference contacts WSARC and PacSci are using to help with their contact.

Yavapai Amateur Radio Club

YARC sponsored ARISS contact with local students as the operators. David K1AN and Heather W8GEM, along with YARC members. These are their plan documents.