WSARC Technical Support Team

Below are friendly, experienced club members who are available to support your radio activities. Each has several areas of interest they can help with. Feel free to reach out about relevant topics and projects. We’d love to help you.

Spreadsheet Support Topics

  1. Technical Questions, Classes, licensing / VEC sessions
  2. Membership Questions, event info, volunteering
  3. Morse Code (CW) learning & support
  4. Antenna & Station design – Fixed/Mobile/Field
  5. Antenna & Tower Erection
  6. Buying new/used equipment; kits/projects
  7. Equipment repair / maintenance / restoration
  8. Understanding & operating your equipment
  9. HF On-air operating, contesting, DX’ing, & etiquette
  10. Club & ARRL activities
  11. Using test equipment
  12. IRLP, Digital modes, MESH, Hamwan, SDRs
  13. Winlink, VARA FM & HF
  14. Satellites and space communications
  15. EmComm, Preparedness, Emergency Hubs
  16. SOTA, POTA, IOTA, etc.
  17. Nets and Control Skills

For other assistance use the Contact Form.

See Calendar & Monthly Events for more opportunities to ask in-person for technical assistance: