January 2022 Online Classes

Online classes are being offered by West Seattle Amateur Radio Club in January 2022

The WSARC and other local organizations host training for amateur radio operators of all levels. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing license or have no prior experience in amateur radio, there are classes to fit all skill levels.

For a list of upcoming classes, including those hosted by the WSARC, please visit the Western Washington Amateur Radio Licensing Class Directory.

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Photos from past WSARC license classes

WSARC Technician Class, Nov 2018

19 students attended over two weekends in November, which is a new format for the WSARC classes. This expanded format allowed for more lecture and comprehension background, as well as for longer review sessions. 18 of the 19 students passed the Technician level and then 3 went on to pass at the General level, congratulations to all of them. Concurrent with the second weekend, there was a General class, taught by our American Red Cross Host David Okrent. He had a full class as well. Thanks go to the instructors and VE’s who helped put on this class and testing session.

Dave Hillier took the lead on the class, and brought many perspectives of information and demonstration to the class.

Dave’s demonstration set up

Brian Nozynski taught the “Getting on the Air” module

Ken Iverson, one of the most long term instructors, covered regulations

Mei Bri did team teaching with Dave for the electrical module

Brian, Tom Saunders and Ken on the sidelines ready to answer questions and give additional information

Lance Rasmussen, VE coordinator, provides instructions to a whole passel of candidates

Registration line

Multiple VE’s are needed to make the testing run smoothly

Dave Hillier at the very end, energized by all the students but exhausted at the same time!

WSARC Technician Class, Jan 2018.

Over 42 people registered for the WSARC Technician class in Jan 2018

Ken Iverson taking the class through formulas

David Hillier demonstrates frequencies

Adeline Hillier used graphics and humor to help people understand electrical theory

Our instructors like to show how things work, here David Hillier uses his voice to visually show theory

Father and daughter team teaching, David and Adeline Hillier

Ken Iverson really getting into the picture to make sure people have the picture.

For the Radio Equipment chapter, Bill Thomassen brought a good show and tell of entry level equipment

David Okrent was our host at the American Red Cross facility and ran a General Class at the same time. Here he is asking the Technician students how many plan on getting their license today.

Lance Rasmussen, the Clubs VEC, organizes his testing team to handle a big crowd.

With the Technician class, the General class and additional walk-in’s, 54 people took their exams. Here they line up to register for the exam

As always, the exam is the most intense part!