Weekly Net – every Monday at 6:30 pm on linked 70 centimeter, 2 meter*, and 6 meter repeaters. 
Early check-in is at 6:15 pm.

Social Gathering Mondays
at 8 PM on 28.420 MHz USB


WSARC Repeater Information:

Parrot/Record-Playback: PTT and press keys “12”; Wait for repeater to respond “Ready”; PTT and transmit voice test message; Wait for repeater to playback your test message;  PTT and transmit “End of test” or “Clear” with your call sign.

6m: Frequency: 53.290, Name: W7AW, Output Tone: 103.5, Input Tone: 100.0, Offset: -1.700, Mode: FM, Power output: 60 Watts ERP, Comment: Myrtle Reservoir Park, 35th Ave SW & SW Myrtle St, Seattle, WA 98126    Latitude: 47.540406  Longitude: -122.378263   Locator: CN87TM49OQ  (mapsatterrain)

2m: Frequency: 145.130, Name: W7AW, Tone: 103.5, Offset: -0.600, Mode: FM, Power output: 25 Watts ERP, Comment: Myrtle Reservoir Park, 35th Ave SW & SW Myrtle St, Seattle, WA 98126   Latitude: 47.540406  Longitude: -122.378263   Locator: CN87TM49OQ  (mapsatterrain)

*Members and friends,
I was able to visit the radio site this afternoon and reprogrammed the 2 meter repeater back to 145.13 (- offset, tone 103.5 Hz). It is only linked for our Monday night nets to the permanently linked, 6m and 70cm repeaters, at this point in time. The search for a permanent 2m frequency has resumed.  —  Tom N7OEP  7-11-2020


70cm: Frequency: 441.800, Name: W7AW, Tone: 141.3, Offset: +5.000, Mode: FM, Power output: 100 Watts ERP, Comment: Myrtle Reservoir Park, 35th Ave SW & SW Myrtle St, Seattle, WA 98126  Latitude: 47.540406  Longitude: -122.378263   Locator: CN87TM49OQ  (mapsatterrain)

NEW DMR 70cm: Repeater ID: 310534, Frequency: 440.975, Call Sign: W7AW, Color Code: 2, Time Slots: TS1 & TS2, Offset: +5.000, Mode: DMR, Comment: Westcrest Park, 9200 8th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106  Latitude: 47.520925  Longitude: -122.34341   Locator: CN87TM85SA  (mapsatterrain) 
[NOTE 1: Not linked to other WSARC repeaters; for latest code plugs check http://seattledmr.org/]
[NOTE 2: SeattleDMR codeplugs tag Westcrest DMR channels with SSO]
[Repeaterbook: Westcrest Park – W7AW / Seattle, WA / Repeater ID: 53-17335 / WWARA FC Record ID: 5739]

Echolink and IRLP allows you to connect to other stations using the Internet. There are client applications available for computers as well as mobile devices and smart phones.  Echolink currently has an iPhone as well as Android application.

The West Seattle Amateur Radio Club has direct Echolink connection at W7AW-R node number 968672, and the IRLP node number is 7312. The repeater can handle up to 10 Internet sessions. Best time to connect is before a net starts or when the repeater is quiet. Net control will occasionally stop regular traffic to allow Internet connections.

A second Echolink connection to the repeater has been provided by radio by K7LER. The Echolink call sign is K7LER-R node number 4515 *.  At this time, this node is permanently pointed to the W7AW repeater.
(*As of 8/15/2021 K7LER-R is Online / As of 5/7/2021, K7LER-R is offline. jw)

For more information on what an amateur radio repeater is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amateur_radio_repeater

Here are links to WWARA, which coordinates the repeaters for Western Washington, and their daily updates to Western Washington repeaters in PDF,  as well as a file compatible with the free radio programming software Chirp.

                     Today’s WWARA PDF File                     Today’s WWARA Chirp File/CSV

Looking for repeaters and nets in the Puget Sound Area (courtesy of Mike and Key ARC):                 https://www.mikeandkey.org/nets.php

Looking for repeaters and nets while traveling, then try Amateur Radio’s most comprehensive, worldwide, FREE repeater directory.   https://www.repeaterbook.com/  Repeater Book has an APP that is more convenient to use on the road as it takes your GPS position and then tells you what repeaters are near your position and in what direction and distance, plus all the usual details.

OPERATING, CALLING AND SIMPLEX FREQUENCIES Compiled By AC6V   http://www.ac6v.com/callfreq.php
Northern Utah Web SDR:  https://www.sdrutah.org/ 
DXMAPS 4.2 – QSO/SWL real time information     https://www.dxmaps.com/spots/mapg.php?Lan=E&Frec=50&ML=M&HF=N