2022 Board Election

Election of Board Members January 15, 2022 Jonathan Scherch, KK7PW, President, Serving 2022 Ken Iverson, AB7X, Vice-President, Serving 2022/2023 Steve Jackson, N7LNX, Secretary, Serving 2022/2023 Dave Hillier, AA7XX, Training Officer, Serving 2022/2023 Mei Jones, KI7TZA, Board Position 2, Serving 2022/2023

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The Vatican Amateur Radio Station hosts N4RDZ

This last May while traveling on a three-week vacation to Italy and Greece, Ron, N4RDZ and Cindi KD7KSH had a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit and operate from HV0A, the Vatican’s official Ham Radio station. “I get lots of requests to operate/visit the station but yours I just couldn’t refuse the request,” said [...]

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WSARC staffs the West Seattle Float Dodger Run, and then lets loose in the Grand Parade

Community service is a big component of the WSARC, as one of the primary missions of amateur radio.  Public events such as the West Seattle Grand Parade and preceding Float Dodger 5K run need support for the runners and organizers, so radio operators are stationed along the route to report safety issues, logistic information and this [...]

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