Brian Nozynski, KG7WRK
Brian Nozynski, KG7WRKPresident, Serving 2019/2020
Alan Dieringer, W7ZYX
Alan Dieringer, W7ZYXTreasurer, Serving 2019/2020
Dave Hillier, AA7XX
Dave Hillier, AA7XXTraining Officer, Serving 2020/2021
Todd Heuer, WA7FOX
Todd Heuer, WA7FOXVice-President, Serving 2020/2021
Andrew Musselman , K6SZ
Andrew Musselman , K6SZSecretary, Serving 2020/2021
VacantQuartermaster, Serving 2019/2020

Directors at Large

Jon Wright, N7JWW
Jon Wright, N7JWWBoard Position 1, Serving 2019/2020
Mei Jones, KI7TZA
Mei Jones, KI7TZABoard Position 2, 2020/2021
Jim Edwards, WS7JIM
Jim Edwards, WS7JIMBoard Position 3, Serving 2019/2020

Club Repeater License Trustee

Tom Saunders, N7OEP
Tom Saunders, N7OEPLicense Trustee, Serving since 2018

Past Presidents Committee

Ron Zuber, N4RDZ
Ron Zuber, N4RDZPast President, Served 2017/2018
Ken Iverson, AB7X
Ken Iverson, AB7XPast President, Served 2015/2016
Tammy Zoch, WA7TZ
Tammy Zoch, WA7TZPast President, Served 2013/2015
Curt Black, WR5J
Curt Black, WR5JPast President, Served 2011/2012
Frank Tate, NA7O
Frank Tate, NA7OPast President, Served 2005/2010

Article IX of the Constitution and Bylaws establish a two year term for offices.  President, Treasurer, Quartermaster, Board Position 1 and 3 are elected in the odd years, with Vice-President, Secretary, Training Officer, and Board Position 2 elected in the even years.  Elections are held during January’s annual meeting.