Full Membership Application

This application is to become an active full member of the WSARC. As a Full Member you can Vote, be included in the requirements for Quorum are eligible to hold an office in the WSARC and take part in WSARC sponsored activities. By submitting this application to become a member of the WSARC, I agree to and accept the WSARC Constitution and following requirements:

  1. Hold a current valid FCC amateur radio license or a license issued by a foreign country of which they are citizen of and the government of said country has entered into a bilateral or multilateral reciprocal operating agreement with the US.
  2. Have an interest in the WSARC and want to take part in our meetings and/or functions.
  3. Agree to use good amateur practice as established by the ARRL when operating in the name of the WSARC.
  4. Direct a formal application for membership to the Secretary of the WSARC, using this web page.
  5. Pay the annual dues of $12.00 online thru this web page

Pay for new or renewed membership

Fees: $12.00 per member annually; Enter first name (or nick name) & call sign and press PayPal “Add to Cart” Button; for additional memberships select “Continue Shopping” on upper right corner of payment page.

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