Membership in the WSARC is comprised of two categories: Full and Associate Membership. Full Members have voting privileges, are included in the requirements for quorum and are eligible to hold an office in the WSARC. In order to become a member of The WSARC, one must satisfy the following requirements:

Associate Membership

  1. It is not necessary to hold an FCC amateur radio license.
  2. Have an interest in the WSARC and want to find out more about our meetings and/or functions.
  3. Send an email to with your contact information.
  4. There are no annual dues for this form of membership.

Full Membership

  1. Hold a current valid FCC amateur radio license or a license issued by a foreign country of which you are a citizen of and the government of said country has entered into a bilateral or multilateral reciprocal operating agreement with the United States.
  2. Have an interest in the WSARC and want to take part in our meetings and/or functions.
  3. Agree to use good amateur practice as established by the ARRL when operating in the name of the WSARC.
  4. Direct a formal application for membership to the Secretary of the WSARC to
  5. Pay the annual dues of $12.00 this could be done online by clicking here or by requesting alternative payment methods in your email.
  6. Dues may be paid for 1 to 5 years and Lifetime membership is available. (Ask for details on Lifetime membership requirements.)
  7. Full membership benefits include a Gmail account ( and other G Suite (Workspace) features.

Membership is not limited geographically.  We have many members from various parts of the greater Seattle region who have joined to support WSARC. Many also are members of other clubs in the area.

While WSARC is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, membership fees are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal tax purposes. Separate monetary and equipment donations are tax deductible.

To Apply for Full Membership go the application form HERE

Pay for new or renewed membership

Fees: $12.00 per member annually; Enter first name (or nick name) & call sign and press PayPal “Add to Cart” Button; for additional memberships select “Continue Shopping” on upper right corner of payment page.

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