Field Day is always held on the 4th full weekend in June.  Want to see what 2019 Field Day was all about?  Watch ARRL’s 2019  Field Day Public Service Announcement.

WSARC’s Field Day was put on in conjunction with The Puget Sound Repeater Group, and Seattle Auxiliary Communication Services.  Additional participation was by Western Washington Medical Services Team, Red Cross, Search And Rescue, Seattle Emergency Hubs, and members of The Seattle Office Of Emergency Management who were on hand throughout the day discussing amateur radio and emergency preparedness!

Event details for 2019 Field Day which was held on Saturday, June 22nd at South Seattle College in the open field on the SE corner of the campus:

9:00 am   AN INTRODUCTION TO RADIO HAM RADIO 101      Where to start with Amateur Radio? What are your options if telephones or cellphones do not work? Information on how to get started will be discussed. There will be a variety of hand-held radio examples to see.
9:00 am  9 O’CLOCK PSRG SOCIAL NET      THE HAM VERSION FOR A RADIO CALL-IN SHOW! See and hear the fun sociable on-the-air meeting known as the 9 o’clock net hosted live from Field Day!
10:00 am   EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS      Are you prepared anywhere you are? Got a “GO-BAG”? A “Go-Bag” has a variety of necessities in an emergency. Quick access to anything from a mini first aid kit with a tourniquet to handy tools and quick meals in a pinch.
11:00 am   FIELD DAY OFFICIALLY STARTS Field Day starts at 11am and runs till Sunday at 11am!  You too can operate the radio and communicate around the US and beyond!!
11:00 am   PORTABLE RADIO SETUP      The Next Step up from a lower power hand-held radio. Find out what is in a portable radio kit.
11:00 am   SOLAR ROVER      The power of the sun at your fingertips! URBAN SURVIVAL SKILLS FAIR A variety of topics and information provided by the City of Seattle Emergency HUBs to help your household and your neighborhood be prepared.
2:00 pm   HAM RADIO 101 FOR YOUNG ADULTS      A presentation geared towards kids and teens to introduce Information on how to get started will be discussed and a variety of hand-held radio examples to see.
2:30 pm   HOW TO BUILD AN ANTENNA      An introduction to different antennas, how and why they correlate with different types of radios, why antennas are important, and how to make one!
3:00 pm   HAMWAN      Getting internet long distances over a radio frequency? Using a telephone–without a telephone company? Is that possible with HamWAN? Come find out how!
3:30 pm   Do you know what “FOX HUNTING” is?      We promise no animals will be harmed in this hunt! A radio “fox hunt” is a Hide-and-Go-Seek Game for Ham Radio operators. Learn more about finding stray radio signals.
4:00 pm   WINLINK      Emailing anywhere over a radio frequency is not “fake-news”. WinLink is real and can do it.
5:00 pm   DMR RADIO      What is beyond using analog frequencies? Learn how Digital Mobile Radio works and how this technology is another way to reach out and communicate.