Standing WSARC Committees

1. Social

Members: Brian, KG7WRK; Greg, W7GFW; Nancy, KJ7CLU


  • Recruitment (ex. being present at community events at a table such as Delridge Day, West Seattle Fall Festival, etc.)
  • New Hams’ Support (ex. being present at HAM Jam at the Senior Center on 1st Mondays, connecting and ‘elmering’ new Hams, and attending Elmer breakfast 2nd Saturdays at Great American Diner)
  • Annual Meeting and Elections Dinner (January)
  • Mike and Key Swap Meet advert (booklet) support and be present at WSARC Table at Mike and Key Ham Fest (March)
  • Summer Field Day – Collaborate with PSRG and ACS on event execution and resourcing (June)
  • Alki Beach Social(s) – May(?) and August events (ex. organizing food, attendees that want to showcase radio for the public, and book the space)
  • West Seattle HAM Fest (Date TBD) – A new event for us to sell radios, equipment, etc. to help bring in more club funds (ex. of tasks would be to organize location, date, people, etc.)
  • Holiday Party (December)

2. Community Service

Members: Dave, AA7XX; Jim, WS7JIM; Michelle, WS7HIU; Cindi, KF7KSH


  • Em Comm (Emergency Communications)
    • Partner with Community HUBs and ACS
    • Participate and support Em Comm preparation/practice events
  • Training (ex. support the club Training Officer on classroom and testing sessions, serve as a VE, etc.)
    • African Community Housing and Development (ACHD) programs
  • West Seattle Events that need communications support
    • West Seattle Parade
  • Community Service Organizations and Partnerships
    • Vashon Radio Club
    • Highline Radio Club
    • Red Cross
    • Salvation Army

3. Media, Technology & Communications

Members: Ron, N4RDZ; Anne, W7ANE; Tom, N7OEP; Ken, AB7X; John, KI7YRA; Nick KK7LZM

Activities (internal & external / public-facing)

  • W7AW Net Control coordination
  • Internal Communications:
    • Support / maintenance of Email, Google Workspace,
  • External Communications:
    • W7AW website
    • Facebook, Twitter, etc. (Social Media)
    • E-publicity (ex. West Seattle blog)
  • Hardware Support:
    • Mesh, repeaters, winlink platforms, etc.

To reach a Committee member, send email to

Updated 12/07/2023