I just dropped in three files to help folks operate this year’s Field Day. (See attachmets)  Chances are good you are doing that from Home this year.  That makes you either Class D – Home with commercial power (Seattle City Light) or Class E – Emergency Power – From a generator or your solar setup.   You are probably using 1 transmitter – so your report in Field Day would be “ONE DELTA” or “ONE ECHO”.   Check out the Field Day Rules here:


Check out where the bands are open to with this map for 6 meters:


Use the controls for HF and VHF maps as well as where the Grey Line is.

Call or write with any questions or comments and have a great Field Day 2020.

vy 73 de WR5J

Curt Black – West Seattle Amateur Radio Club

206 755-4541c




YOURHOMESTATION Field Day Phone Script