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Seattle Emergency Hubs Exercise –
Power Down
Sunday June 11, 2023 1:30pm to 4pm

Photo Gallery
Photos for Quartzsite/Quartzfest AZ Jan 2023
provided by Ron N4RDZ and Cindi KD7KSH
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A listing with full details is at: https://w7aw.org/calendar/.

Welcome to West Seattle Amateur Radio Club

The WSARC is a group of amateur radio users ranging from newly licensed operators to seasoned operators. Our club promotes programs that develop and improve the skills of licensed amateur radio operators.

WSARC is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization effective January 2013 and as such, charitable monetary and equipment donations are tax deductible.


Join our club to help support equipment upgrades and our education programs.


Get your Amateur Radio License

Our club offers exams to obtain your amateur radio license as well as periodic study classes.


A. What is ham radio?

B. With cell phones & Internet, is amateur radio still relevant?

C. How do I get an FCC amateur radio license?

D. Tips on how to prepare for the FCC exam.

E. Options on taking classes or proceeding with self-study.

F. How to participate and learn new ways to enjoy ham radio as a hobby.

Visit: Becoming a New Ham